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     Have you ever heard of an event or party that has been talked about months, or even years after it ended? Would you like to have one of your own? Well let us style your next event - including, but not limited to, birthday parties, sporting events, and even weddings!


     At PerfecTouch2 we aim to bring you the experience of a lifetime. Our Professional, fun memorable staff are ready to create memories that are sure to last a lifetime.


     And we don't stop there. We also provide elegant floral decor for any event, created by hand with the freshest, most vibrant flowers attainable in the area.


     Our services are bound to give you that one in a million memorable experience complete with laughs, smiles, and years of amazing memories. 


     At PerfecTouch2, our goal is to make your event one for the record books!



Here at PerfecTouch2, we're known for adding the PerfectTouch2 any event!

About Us

     Our founders, are a Husband & Wife Power couple from Massachusetts, who currently reside in Atlanta they know what it takes to style a memorable party that is sure to be the talk of the town beyond just a few nights. 


     We want you to allow us to add the PerfectTouch2 your event!


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